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September Sweater

September Sweater


Size: XS (S) M (L) (XL) 2XL

Needles: 3,5mm and 4mm circular needles (40 and 80 cm or 100cm) or/and double pointed needles, 3,5mm crotchet hook


Yarn: The sweater is knitted with two strands of yarn held together.

One thread of Drops Flora and one thread of Drops Kid Silk Mohair. ca. 200 (250) 250 (300) 300 (350)g Flora and 100 (125) 125 (150) 150 (200)g Kid Silk Mohair.


One thread of Filcolana Merci and one thread of Filcolana Tilia 250(300)300(350)350(400)g Merci and 100(125)125(150)150(200)g Tilia.


One thread of Camarose Okologisk Sommeruld and one thread of Camarose Midnatsole. 200(250)250(300)300(350)g Okologisk Sommeruld and 125(150)150(175)175(225)g Midnatsole.

Gauge: 21stitches on 4mm needle = 10cm

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