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May Cardigan

May Cardigan


Size: 0-1.months, 3-6.months, (6-9.months, 9-12 months)//(1-2.years, 2-4.years)4-5.years


Yarn: Lille lerke from Dale Garn ca. 250g, 200g, (250g, 250g//300g, 300g)

Gauge: 10cm on 3mm needles in stockinette stitch = 24-26sts


Needles: 2,5mm double pointed needles and circular needle ( 3mm circular needle (60-80cm)



Circumference: ca. 41cm, 43cm(46cm, 51cm//60cm, 66cm)72cm

Sleeves: 15,17(18,20//22,24)26 cm

Length from underarm:16, 18(20, 22//24, 27)29 cm


The cardigan is knitted from the bottom up, starting with a ruffle and then knitted in stockinette st as well as a pattern is knitted in the front on both sides. The cardigan is knitted front and back in rows.

On the last pages you can find explanations, patterns and instructional videos

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