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Frida Dress

Frida Dress


The dress is worked from the top down. In the beginning the dress is knitted back and fourth in rows and later on the stitches are joined together and worked in the round. You choose between short or long sleeves and follow relevant instructions. Further explanations, pattern chart and instructional videos can be found on the last pages.



Size: 3.months (6-9.months) 12-18.months // (2.years) 4.years (6.years)


Needles: 2,5mm and 3mm circular needles and double-pointed needles.


Yarn: Woolly light from Jord Clothing, ca. 150(150)200//(250)300(300)g

Gauge: 28L=10cm



Length: 34(36)40//(44)50(58) cm measured from the neck edge

Sleeve length (long sleeves): 13(15)18//(24)27(30) cm


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